Best Visitor Management Practices

Lobbytrack is a powerful tool to have in your belt when trying to manage your visitor entry or building lobby. Being able to successfully manage who and when people arrive is crucial to keeping a tight ship. Having the skills and knowledge to decide which features you need, what your organization's specific requirements are, and the best way to implement the visitor management application itself can be the difference between minutes spent in the lobby and hours saved by your staff.

Visitor Lobby Registration

Best Practices For Implementing a Visitor Management System

There are multiple ways to use a visitor management system. Find out the best practices to get the most out of your visitor management software.

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The Importance of a Visitor Management System for Government

Not sure if a government building needs a robust visitor management solution? Find out the importance of a visitor management system for government buildings.

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Visitor Management for Government
Visitor Managment for Schools

The Importance of Visitor Management for Schools

Thinking of implementing a visitor management system for your school? Discover the reasons why every school needs a dedicated visitor management solution.

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The Importance of Visitor Management in Hospitals

Every hospital or a healthcare facility needs to ensure safety for its patients, visitors, and staff. Find out the importance of visitor management in hospitals.

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Visitor Managment for Hospitals
Questions Before Buying

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Visitor Management System

Looking to buy a visitor management solution? Discover key questions to ask before buying a visitor management system.

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Everything You Need to Know About Hot Desking

Thinking about opening up your workspace to more people? Understand your options and how hot desking can help you save space.

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Visitor Managment for Hospitals
Coworking Space

Understanding Coworking Spaces

Efficient use of your workspace can be both beneficial to your employees and your wallet. Implement a complete coworking platform in your company to keep things running smoothly.

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How Do Visitor Management Systems Work?

Modern visitor management systems such as Lobbytrack make it super-easy for office teams to register, screen, check in, and track visitors. Store your visitor record data in a secure cloud-environment, cross-check that data with national watchlists, and integrate with your access control system to provide smart visitor access.

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How Do Visitor Management Systems Work
Conference Room Usage

Optimizing Conference Room Usage

Maximize your office space utilization with Lobbytrack's space booking software. Build a hybrid work policy and flexible workspace design to accommodate scaling down your office environment.

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10 Features Your Electronic Visitor Sign-In System Must Have

Given the sheer number of visitor sign-in systems available on the market, it can become challenging for facility managers to select a system that aligns with the workplace needs. To make your job easy, here are ten must-have features that you must look for before subscribing to an electronic visitor sign-in solution.

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Top 10 Features
Lobbytrack Visitor Management

What to look for in a Visitor Sign In App for Small Businesses and Enterprises

Lobbytrack provides a broad list of features to cover many facets of visitor management. Visitor pre-registration to employee space booking - build the workflow suitable for your lobby using this powerful mobile application.

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Utilizing a Visitor Management App for Managing Visitors, Employees, and Spaces

A proper visitor management app should provide you the capability to manage every aspect of a visit; from the visitor record and scheduling to employee/host selection and space booking. Lobbytrack comes complete with a full stack of first-party mobile apps to streamline the entire process.

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Visitor Management App
Employee Sign In App

Modernize your Workforce with a Powerful Employee Sign In App

The Lobbytrack Employee App is step forward in how you and your employees interact in the office. Allow your employees the ability to book and utilize shared workspaces, provide them with contactless sign-in, give them the capacity to manage their own visitor schedule, and give yourself employee sign-in analytics all from one place.

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Budget Friendly Visitor Management

Concerned about overpaying for visitor management? It's common for systems to offer pricey, rarely-used features. Lobbytrack, however, focuses on essential functionalities at an unbeatable price, standing out as a cost-effective alternative to Envoy and similar systems.

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Best Cost Saving Alternative to Envoy
Upgrade Customer Reception with a  Queue Management System

Upgrade Customer Reception with a Queue Management System

Elevate customer reception with Lobbytrack's Queue Management System. Streamline flow, prioritize service, and offer real-time updates. Customize features for seamless operations and enhanced satisfaction.

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