Touchless Visitor Sign-In

Show your guests that you care by providing a touchless and trouble-free sign-in experience. Lobbytrack touchless visitor sign-in delivers the control your office teams need and the peace of mind your visitors deserve. Here's how it works:

The employee schedules a visit and sends a pre-registration invitation message or email to the visitor. The visitor then clicks the invitation link in the message and completes the pre-registration process on a secure webpage.

When the visitor arrives, they simply use their phone to scan a QR code displayed in the lobby and sign in. The host receives an instant message that their guest has checked in. And the security team knows exactly who is or was on site at any given moment.

No more lining up to scan IDs or fill out visitor registration forms. No commonly touched surfaces or complicated software involved. Just a simple, efficient, safe and secure touchless sign in experience!

Safe and Secure Touchless Sign-In Doesn't Get Any Simpler than THIS!

1. Walk Up to the Touchless Kiosk
A tablet automatically refreshes and displays a QR code as the visitor approaches the Touchless Sign-in kiosk.

2. Scan the QR Code with Your Phone
A web page pops up on the visitor's phone the moment they scan the QR code. There are no shared surfaces or displays to touch.

3. Enter Your Info on Your Phone
Pre-registered visitors can simply enter their email and click on Sign In to start their visit.

Walk-in visitors enter their name and other info and then click on Sign In.

Contact-less Sign In
Touchless Visitor Registration

Simplified COVID Safety for All

For Visitors
Visitors can feel comfortable knowing they are visiting a safe and responsible workplace. They can navigate through the building touching nothing but their phones.

For Security Teams
When visitors sign in, security staff can see them as signed in on their phone and receptionists can see who is signed in from their desk.

For Facility Managers
Lobbytrack is a simple and cost-effective solution for all types of workplaces. No special hardware or training is required so you can start using it today!

More Convenience for Visitors

  • Register in advance from anywhere using a mobile or desktop
  • Fast and easy touchless sign in
  • Walkins can register onsite using their mobile
  • No app required -- just a phone with a camera and web browser
  • Fast track sign in for repeat visitors
  • Peace of mind knowing you are visiting a facility that prioritizes safety
Visitor Pre-Registration

Watch Video

Watch a short video highlighting various Lobbytrack online visitor management features.