The All-In-One App for Visitor, Employee and Space Management

Employee, space, and visitor management are major concerns for employers and facility managers after COVID-19. Lobbytrack is the single visitor management application you need to start managing all three. Ramp up security at the workplace, deliver a safe and smooth experience to your guests and employees, and easily create and manage flexible working spaces.

Create a Safer Workplace

The Lobbytrack visitor management app secures the workplace by registering, tracking and logging every visitor, contractor, or any other individual who enters or exits the office. The Lobbytrack Web App empowers your security team and hosts to pre-register visitors, check visitors in and out of the facility, alert security, and perform all other tasks that a modern visitor management system must perform. This provides the first layer of defense by protecting the workplace against unwanted visitors, theft, and unwarranted use of office facilities.

Who Is Visiting

Know Who Is, Was Or Will Be Visiting

Who is or was in the office is the first question you need to answer whenever a security situation arises. Lobbytrack visitor management app automatically backs up all visitor logs to the cloud. Your security team can access visitor data including photos, names and check-in and out times using the Lobbytrack visitor management portal. Knowing that the visitor management system is recording all visitors makes everyone feel safer at work.

Implement Health Screening and Security Protocols

You can ask visitors health and safety questions that they must answer before they can register for the visit. You can use Lobbytrack's online management portal to ask visitors a bunch of simple yes or no questions and predefine a criteria the visitors must meet to proceed with the registration. Visitors can also be asked to sign NDAs or other security documents in line with your visitor management policy.

Health Screening Questions
Check Watchlists

Screen Visitors Against Criminal Databases and Watchlists

Lobbytrack's powerful visitor screening feature swiftly runs visitor data by federal and state criminal databases and watchlists and blocks registration or check in if there is a positive match. The system is integrated with prominent online watchlist systems such as MK Data and Data Diver. Admins can also define their own match criteria using Lobbytrack Web App and can view matched results via the Lobby App.

Empower Security Teams with the Guard App

The Lobbytrack visitor management platform includes a dedicated mobile app for security guards. The Lobbytrack Guard app provides the security team real-time data on the individuals who are currently on site. The security guards are updated as visitors sign in and out. An alert is sent directly to security guards via smartphones and tablets running the Guard App if somebody on a watchlist tries to sign into the workplace. In case of an emergency, the guards can see an up-to-date evacuation list so they can get everyone out of the building safely.

Alert Security

Offer a Sophisticated Visitor Experience

Forget about queuing up visitors during rush hours or turning them away because you were filled to capacity. Lobbytrack allows security staff and employees to schedule visits, invite and pre-register guests using Lobbytrack online portal or Lobbytrack Employee App. Once the visitor arrives at the facility at the time of the visit, the frontdesk staff can easily check them in using the Lobbytrack mobile app.

Touchless Sign-In

Offer Touchless Sign In to Visitors

Easily set up a touchless self sign-in kiosk using an ipad or tablet running the Lobby app. Unregistered visitors can provide their details and register on the spot. Registered visitors can check in by scanning the barcode in their confirmation email on the kiosk.

Automatically Notify Hosts

Let your receptionist focus on more important tasks by taking her out of the visitor management process. The Lobbytrack Lobby App automatically notifies the host through SMS and email when their guests check in, Hosts can view their visit schedule and get push notifications via the Lobbytrack Employee App.

Send Host notifications
Print Visitor Badge

Print Visitor Badges At Sign In

Lobbytrack makes it a breeze to design and print visitor badges at the front desk. The Lobby App automatically designs badges from the visitor's registration data. You can snap visitor photos and also capture their information by scanning their driving license. Just connect a wireless printer and hand out a professional-looking badge in seconds.

Integrate with Access Control

Allow regular visitors, contractors, and delivery drivers access to certain areas using Lobbytrack's built-in access control integration. Issue access cards or mobile credentials to visitors and let them enter the lobby, mailroom, elevator or meeting room without needing your staff's assistance.

Issue Access Control Cards

Manage Coworking and Hybrid Workspaces

Employers can save significantly on real estate and utilities costs and boost productivity by creating hybrid offices that support a mix of in-office and remote workers. Lobbytrack's built-in hot-desking and meeting-room booking feature makes it a breeze to manage and book all types of shared spaces and equipment.

Shared Space

Define Any Space as a Shared Space

Lobbytrack gives you the freedom to define all types of shared workspaces. You can designate any room as a meeting room, huddle space, touchdown space or conference room. Easily define shared parking spaces, hot desks, labs, and shared equipment. Allow workers to view and book spaces using the Employee App.

Guide People with Floor Maps

You can upload 2D floor maps with each designated shared space so that employees and visitors can easily navigate their way to meeting rooms, conference rooms, and other spaces.

Floor Plan Upload
Release Space

Optimize Space Utilization

A lot of space remains unutilized because people either don't turn up after they book a meeting room or conference room or they leave before time. Lobbytrack's Automatic Space Release feature shows the space as 'available' after a designated amount of time if the booking employees don't check in or if they check out before time.

Manage Employee Time and Attendance

With Lobbytrack, you can use one platform for managing employees, guests, contractors, customers, and other people who visit your office. Admins can enroll employees through the Lobbytrack web interface. Once enrolled, employees can sign into and out of the workplace using the Employee mobile app.

Touchless Employee Sign-In

Offer Touchless Employee Sign In

Employees can just walk up to the touchless self-signing kiosk and scan the QR code displayed on a tablet with their smartphone to sign in.

Easily Prepare an Accurate Payroll

The system records the sign-in and sign-out times and outputs them to Excel or CSV files that you can export into your payroll system.

Manage Payroll
Single Sign On integration

Integrate with Identity Platforms

Lobbytrack integrates with Okta and other identity management (IdM) systems to provide single sign-on (SSO) functionality. Employees are automatically added to Lobbytrack just as you enroll them into Okta or another IdM or IAM (identity management and access control) system that you are using. They can then use their SSO credentials to sign into Lobbytack. Vice versa, their credentials are disabled when you remove an employee from Okta and they can no longer sign into the workplace.

Manage Staggered Work Schedules

Easily accommodate a hybrid workforce in a smaller office by staggering their working hours. Employees, visitors and contractors can sign in only at the stipulated times, so you can easily manage workplace capacity limits and shared facilities.

Manage Employee Schedule

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