Office Sign In App for Visitors and Staff at Your Workplace

Lobbytrack is the simple, safe, and modern way to sign into and out of offices for your staff, visitors, and contractors.

Are you still using manual methods to sign visitors and employees in or out of your facility? Primitive tools such as pen and paper or legacy software are no longer considered safe in the post-COVID age. They are also not as efficient or user friendly as you'd like them to be in today's world of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and 5G technology. Luckily, there's Lobbytrack—the cloud-based sign-in app that makes office management easier than ever before.

Watertight Security that Doesn't Get in Your Way

Lobbytrack employee and visitor sign-in app is your first layer of defense against unwanted visitors. It creates an invisible shield around your workplace by registering and logging every employee, contractor, customer or visitor who enters or leaves the office. Keep unwanted visitors out with watchlist screening while offering your employees and visitors a pleasant workplace experience.

Secure Visitor Tracking
User Friendly Sign In

A Fast and Frictionless Office Sign In Experience

Regardless of the numbers of employees and visitors that come through your doors, Lobbytrack sign-in app delivers a swift and smooth sign-in experience to all. Make a great first impression on your visitors and enable your employees to sign in and out via the Lobby mobile app using their SSO credentials.

Book Meeting Rooms for Employees and Visitors

Lobbytrack's built-in hotdesking and shared-space booking feature allows your employees to easily create and book meeting rooms, conference rooms, parking, and other shared facilities. Employees can see the available shared spaces and reserve them for their teams via Lobbytrack's Employee mobile app.

Book Meeting Room
Evancuation List

Handle Evacuations without Breaking a Sweat

It can be a real problem to evacuate everyone safely during an emergency if you don't know how many people are inside the building. Lobbytrack Guard App allows security teams to view a real-time list of on-site visitors and employees, so they can make sure nobody is left behind during emergency evacuations.

Allow Your Clients to Book Appointments Online

Many local businesses use Lobbytrack to keep their appointment books overflowing by allowing their customers to reserve visits online. Your clients can follow a link in your invitation email to go to an appointment booking page and reserve a time slot that suits them.

Book Appointment Online
Works Anywhere

Works for All Use Cases and Workplaces

Thousands of commercial and public establishments use the Lobbytrack office sign-in app for managing employees, guests, contractors, interviewees, suppliers, and other people who visit the workplace. Users include corporate offices, SMBs, healthcare facilities, schools and colleges, gyms, health clubs, spas, dentists, entertainment facilities, government organizations, and military facilities.

The Lobbytrack Platform

The Lobbytrack workplace platform comprises a powerful online portal for easy centralized management and three intuitive mobile apps for on-the-go functionality.

Web App

Log on to and access every feature you need to manage visitors, employees, customers, and office space. Learn More >

Employee App

Let your employees sign in and out of the office on their mobile, schedule visits, and access a bunch of useful features. Learn More >

Lobby App

Set up a virtual receptionist by installing the Lobby App on an iPad or tablet placed at your front desk. Learn More >

Guard App

A dedicated mobile app for your security guards that allows them to view activities, receive alerts, and manage evacuations. Learn More >

The Lobbytrack Office Sign In Experience

Sign In Features

  • Schedule and invite visitors
  • Enroll and remove employees
  • Sign in employees and visitors
  • Print badges at sign-in
  • Enable touchless self sign-in
  • Enable Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Notify hosts
  • Log time and attendance
Sign In Button
Security Features

Security Features

  • Pre-register visitors
  • Ask health & wellness questions
  • Screen visitors against watchlists
  • Notify security at each sign-in/out
  • Alert security for watchlist breach
  • Manage safe evacuation
  • Integrate with access control

Value-Added Features

  • Book meeting rooms
  • Schedule appointments
Booking Feature