Meeting Room Booking Software for Shared Workspaces

Are you playing a guessing game looking for a vacant meeting room when you have an important meeting? Now you can use Lobbytrack to find and schedule meeting rooms for specific dates and times. Lobbytrack's user-friendly interface now sports an intuitive meeting room booking feature for shared and coworking offices.

Manage Shared Meeting Rooms

Use our cloud-based software to designate meeting rooms on multiple floors at several locations and manage them centrally from the Lobbytrack website. Allow employees and contractors to view and book meeting rooms remotely using the Employee mobile app.

Shared Meeting Room
Keep It Simple

Streamline Meeting Spaces

Managing shared offices is not easy in today's hybrid work environment. Lobbytrack takes the guesswork out of meeting room scheduling by allowing your employees to book meeting spaces in advance. Reserve a meeting room for your work and invite external and internal attendees using a single app.

Define any Room as a Meeting Room

Designate any room on any floor as a meeting room or define multiple rooms as shared spaces. Upload a floor plan to help attendees find the room and make the meeting room available for booking.

Meeting Room
Manage Visitors

Manage Meeting Rooms AND Visitors

Lobbytrack's meeting room booking module comes built-in with Lobbytrack visitor management system. Manage meeting rooms, visitors, and employees from a single app and increase workplace efficiency.

Book a Room, Desk, or Parking Space

Employees, visitors, or tenants can easily book a meeting room, lab, or another shared facility from anywhere via mobile. See when a space is going to be available and schedule it for your work.

New Booking
Floor Plan

Easily Find a Room with Floor Maps

Admins can use Lobbytrack's customizable space booking feature to display the floor map along with each meeting room location. Employees and authorized visitors can easily find their way to a room by looking at the floor map.

Control Meeting-Room No-Shows

The global average meeting room occupancy is just 30% and 40% of meeting room bookings result in no-shows. In case a team does not show up or leaves before time, Lobbytrack's Automatic Space Release feature releases the meeting room back to the pool of available spaces after a configurable number of minutes have elapsed.

Empty Meeting Room