Secure Healthcare Facilities from Unwanted Visitors

Healthcare facilities need top-quality visitor management technology to meet the increasing stringent criteria for visitors entering the medical facilities. No matter if it's a pandemic or not, hospitals must ensure that they don't jeopardize patients' well-being. One asymptomatic visitor and the entire healthcare facility can shut down.

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Sign In Visitors Before They Arrive

The visitor registration system lets you schedule visits and sign-in visitors before arriving. No need to gamble on a random visitor appearing in your healthcare facility. Make it easy for visitors to see their loved ones while lowering your administration costs.

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Touch-Free Visitor Management

Visitors don't need to touch anything. Use the touchless visitor management system to have visitors sign in using their mobile phones.

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Touch-Free Visitor Management
Health Safety Questions

Ask Screening Questions

Create simple Yes/No screening questions that the visitor must answer correctly prior to sign in. The visitor management software allows you to prohibit visitors that don't meet the criteria.

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Limit the Visitor Count

Limit the number of visitors present inside the healthcare facility or a single hospital room. Customize the limitations per room and set up your security criteria via the visitor management system.

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Limit Visit Count
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