Employee Sign In App for a Modern Workforce

The days of employee sign-in registers, contact based thumb scanners, and primitive network-based time-and attendance systems are long gone. Today's predominantly Millennial and GenX workforce uses cloud-managed, mobile-based apps to sign in and out of workplaces. Here's how Lobbytrack helps you meet your employees' expectations of security, speed and convenience without exceeding your operational budget.

Enroll Employees Online

Enroll Employees on the Fly

Use Lobbytrack's simple browser-based web app and customizable employee form to enroll employees. Or, you can easily pull data from Active Directory or a worksheet to save time. Once enrolled, workers can sign into and out of the office using the Employee mobile app. Instantly remove employees who are no longer authorized to visit the office.

Enable Seamless Staff Sign In

The Employee app enables workers to sign in and out with the tap of a button on their mobile phone. Using the same app, they can book meeting rooms and shared spaces and receive notifications when their guests arrive and sign out visitors when they forget to sign out.

Easy Employee Sign In
Employee Attendance Reports

Automate Time and Attendance

Employee sign in and out times are automatically backed up to the Lobbytrack cloud. You and your security team can view who is on site in real time. The HR can pull time and attendance data from Lobbytrack for payroll and accounting. Admins can view historical reports and see all employees and visitors who were inside the building at any given date and time.

Manage Visitors with Ease

The Lobbytrack staff sign in app allows you to manage employees and visitors from the same browser-based interface. You can define certain employees as hosts, after which they can schedule visits and invite visitors including contractors, suppliers, vendors, maintenance crews, and personal guests.

Touchless Sign In

Introduce Contactless Sign In

Let your employees feel they are in safe hands by enforcing touchless sign in. Office sign-in cards and badges can be forgotten, lost or stolen. Contact based thumbprint scanners present the risk of infection. With Lobbytrack, your staff can sign in using their smartphones running the Employee App. Reduce your operational cost and workload by introducing safe and efficient contactless mobile check in.

Manage Flexible Spaces

Lobbytrack is a great app for setting up and managing shared, hybrid and coworking spaces. Define meeting rooms, parking spaces, and hot desks from Lobbytrack.com and let your staff book them from the Employee app. Maximize the use of conference room, equipment and workspaces by assigning them to a disproportionate hybrid workforce of on-site and remote workers.

Book Meeting Room
Access Control Integration

Allow Self Access to Employees

Upgrade your office entry experience by using Lobbytrack's in-built integration with OpenPath, Brivo, and other card- and mobile-based access control systems. You can also print scannable employee badges or issue access control cards using the Lobbytrack portal.

Activate Single Sign-On and 2FA

Your employees can sign into Lobbytrack using their SSO credentials registered with Okta and other SSO software. Turn on two-factor authentication from the backend and the app will ask employees for email verification before they can sign in.

Signle Sign On

Upgrade Employee Sign In Experience with a Versatile and Affordable App

Lobbytrack's multitasking software lets you do a lot more than signing in employees. It is so easy you can start using it within hours. View pricing or request a demo today.

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