Best Visitor Sign In App for Small Businesses and Enterprises

Visitor sign-in apps are in high demand after Covid-19 sensitized employees and employers regarding the need to create safe and healthy workplaces. Offices, schools, and workspaces that previously used paper sheets or visitor log books to register and sign-in visitors are increasingly switching to electronic visitor sign-in apps. This has instigated a deluge of visitor management applications to hit the market, making it hard for the average business manager to make a choice. Adopting an app that is either too extensive or too restricted for your needs can lead to problems later on.

The Best Visitor Sign-In App for Your Workplace

One of the key factors to consider for selecting an app is the size of your business and the number of visitors you handle. Small businesses and enterprises can have different visitor management requirements. Large enterprises typically receive more visitors and can have multiple locations. They might need a system that can also book meeting rooms or conference rooms, display floor maps, and have customizable visitor workflows. Small businesses, on the other hand, are more likely to go for a system that is easy to use and gives them all of the necessary features at a lower cost, or even for free.

Let's look at the basic and value-added features that make Lobbytrack the ideal visitor sign-in app for small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises.

Basic Features


Visitor Preregistration

Employees can easily schedule visits and invite people to register using Lobbytrack's online interface. Visitors receive an email and can register simply by providing their details.

Visitor and Employee Sign In

Use one simple app to manage visitors and employees. Employees can sign in and out of the workplace through the Employee app. Registered visitors can sign in by scanning a QR code displayed on a tablet placed in the lobby with their mobile phone. It's really easy!

Visitor and Employee Sign-Inem
Host Notification

Host Notifications

Hosts receive instant notifications the moment their guests sign in, so they can come down to the lobby to receive them.

Touchless Sign In

Even the free Lobbytrack plan comes with contact-free sign in for visitors. They just have to scan the QR code in their invitation at the self-sign-in kiosk.

Touchless Sign-in
Visitor Badge

Visitor Badge Printing

Your front-desk staff can snap visitor photos with the Lobby app and print badges instantly by connecting a wireless printer. The system automatically designs professional-looking badges by capturing visitor registration data.

Health Screening

The pandemic and the subsequent OSHA regulations have made it essential for employers to ensure nobody with Covid-19 symptoms comes to the workplace. Lobbytrack allows hosts to send the guests health and safety questions that they must answer to register for the visit.

Health Screening Form
Visitor Logs

Visitor Logs

The cloud-based software automatically stores all sign-in information. Security teams can easily see who was, is, or would be at the facility at any given date and time.

Security Features

Watch List Screening

Watchlist Screening

Certain financial institutions and corporates firms have an ethical and legal obligation to screen visitors against lists of suspected terrorists, money launderers, or fraudsters. Organizations such as schools and sensitive installations may like to screen visitors against internal and external watchlists and criminal databases. Lobbytrack checks each visitor against watchlists and alerts security the moment someone on a watchlist tries to sign in.

Two-Factor Authentication

Admins can enable 2FA from their Lobbytrack portal. This would require users to provide a four-digit code sent to their registered email address in addition to their Lobbytrack password. The feature is designed for sensitive installations and workplaces such as research labs, server rooms, and record rooms.

Two-Factor Authentication

Value-Added Features

Access Control Settings

Physical Access Control

Lobbytrack integrates seamlessly with physical access control systems including Brivo and OpenPath. You can issue access control cards to visitors and employees or enable them to sign in using their smartphones.

Shared Space Booking

The coronavirus pandemic gave rise to a hybrid working culture that is likely to last even after the pandemic is over. Lobbytrack offers a user-friendly shared space booking feature to help manage hybrid workspaces. The feature allows employees to view shared meeting rooms, conference rooms, desks, and parking spaces and reserve them for specific dates and times using the Employee mobile app.

Space Booking
Zapier Automation

Automation and Integration

Lobbytrack users can create simple automations using the built-in Zapier integration. Advanced users can use the Lobbytrack API to integrate visitor data with their everyday business apps such as CRM, video surveillance, and event management systems.


As you may see, Lobbytrack fulfills most of the visitor management requirements that small businesses and enterprises can have. It is a market-proven system with robust software architecture and the most user-friendly interface. Best of all, it has an extremely affordable location-based pricing and is absolutely free for up to 100 visits per month.