Touchless Visitor Management

Lobbytrack makes it easy to implement a touchless process for registering and managing guests, contractors, delivery personnel, janitorial crews, and other visitors. Create a safer workplace and offer more peace of mind to everyone by designing a touchless and user-friendly visitor experiences.

Touchless Access is the New Normal

As we cautiously get back to work amidst COVID-19, health and safety is a real concern. Many of your employees, customers and visitors are likely to fear catching the infection at work and spreading it to their families. Touching shared objects and surfaces and having in-person interactions to register for access isn't likely to make them feel comfortable.

Commonly touched surfaces at a workplace can include pens and paper, desktops and countertops, door handles, keypads and keyboards, printers, and touch screen displays. The coronavirus can survive on most of these surfaces for several hours and can infect a person if they touch a surface after it was touched by someone who has the virus.

Lobbytrack eliminates the need for touching shared objects and interacting with front-desk staff to gain access. By pre-registering visitors and planning for social distancing, you can create a safer workplace for all.

More Safety and Convenience for Visitors

Lobbytrack allows visitors to enjoy a worry-free access experience by pre-registering for the visit before they arrive at the workplace. They can sign in and out without touching anything except their mobile phone; and without speaking face-to-face with your staff.

Pre-register Visitor
Security Team

More Control for Security Teams

Security teams can curtail face-to-face interactions with visitors, implement workplace capacity limits, conduct health checks, and keep track of visitors when they're on site. Lobbytrack can also integrate with your existing card readers to provide automatic touchless access.

Touchless Visitor Registration

Employees can pre-register their visitors with the Lobbytrack Employee App on their mobile phone. Alternatively, visitors can pre-register themselves at home using their web browser. Once on site, visitors can gain access by scanning a QR code in their confirmation email. Lobbytrack automatically notifies the host when a visitor arrives or leaves.

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Touchless Visitor Registration
Touch-Free Visitor Registration

Touch-Free Walk-in Visitor Registration

Walk-in visitors can use their own phone to register for their visit. Simply scan a QR code to bring up the visitor registration page and complete the visitor form to register. The registrations are instantly synced with the cloud and the visitor schedule is automatically updated across all locations and devices.

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Contact-less Sign In For Staff

You can track entry and exit of temporary workers, contractors, sub-contractors, consultants, and other employees. Your staff can use the Lobbytrack Employee App to sign in and sign out of the facility by scanning a QR code displayed on a Lobbytrack Lobby App kiosk tablet.

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Contact-less Sign In