Health Screening Questionnaire

Lobbytrack is a visitor management system and visitor screening tool that helps you to create a visitor health screening questionnaire that allows access only to people who pass the health screening. Predefine acceptable answers and create simple yes/no health, safety, and compliance questions.

Draft Questions

Quickly draft and customize the perfect health screening checklist. Create easy-to-answer yes/no or multiple-answer questions that visitors can answer quickly and accurately.

Ask Questions

Present the health screening questionnaire to visitors when they enter the premises. Streamline the security quiz so that all visitors or employees fill out the questionnaire before accessing the facility.

Health Screenning Questions
Control Access

Control Access

Allow access only to visitors or staff who pass the questionnaire. Effectively control who gets access and who doesn't and maintain safety inside your building.

Alert Security

Alert security automatically the moment a visitor or staff member fails to pass the questionnaire. Act proactively and keep your employees and other visitors safe at all times.

Security Alert