Safe Reopening After Lockdown

The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis caught all of us off guard, businesses and individuals alike, and the resultant turmoil has spread throughout the world. As we recover and slowly get back to work, one of the most critical questions on everyone's mind is how do we reopen our workspaces while providing a safe and secure environment for employees, contractors and visitors.

At Jolly Technologies, we've been developing industry leading visitor management software solutions for more than 15 years and we hope our expertise can provide some guidance. Our solutions provide comprehensive verification and tracking of employees, contractors and visitors as they enter and leave facilities. Our products are used at construction sites, coal mines, chemical manufacturing, hospitals, and many other facilities where safety has always been a top priority. Hence, with over 30,000 customers and over 1,000,000 users including the majority of Fortune 500 companies and leading government organizations, healthcare providers, education institutes, you can be confident that we possess the knowledge and experience to safely and effectively guide you through any situation.

The information found on this page focuses primarily on safety concerns related to allowing visitors back into your workspace when reopening after the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown ends. The Lobbytrack visitor management system has the essential features you need to enforce safe visit policies and secure your facilities.

Touchless Sign In

Employees can pre-register their visitors online before they arrive via the Lobbytrack web-based online system or Lobbytrack Employee App. The visitor will never need to interact with any device in your lobby. When a visitor arrives, the receptionist can look them up by name and sign them in using the Lobbytrack Lobby App, providing a completely touchless sign in experience.

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Touchless Visitor Sign In
Screen Visitor For COVID-19 Symptoms

Screen Visitors For COVID-19 Symptoms

Customize the visitor form to include custom, mandatory health and safety screening questions of your choosing.

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Notify Safety Staff

If a visitor reports any symptoms that raises a red flag, immediately alert the security staff so they can quickly handle the situation. Security staff can receive push notifications on their mobile phone running Lobbytrack Guard App.

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Notify Host Via Push Notification
Sign Visit Agreement

Sign Health and Safety Agreement

Include safety information related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) in your visit agreement and require visitors approve it before they are allowed to sign in. You can personalize the visit agreement with information from the visitor registration form and meeting details.

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Limit Visitor Count

Limit number of visitors that can be present at any given time at a location or event in a room to safely comply with any regulations requiring maximum space capacity. Any additional visitor trying to sign in will be asked to wait till the space becomes available.

Limit Visitor Count