S2 Integration

Lobbytrack is a visitor management system that easily integrates with physical access control systems such as S2. Integrate a high security door access system into your building and have complete control over who has access to the premises.

Associate Different Access Levels

Customize different access levels for different visitors and staff members. Thanks to seamless integration with the access control system, you can maintain security while maintaining streamlined access to the entire building.

Access Control Cards
Activate Access Control

Issue Access Cards on Sign In

Issue pre-programmed access cards when visitors sign in via the Lobbytrack visitor management system. Record assigned card numbers and store them safely inside your access control system.

Auto-Deactivate Card On Sign Out

Automatically deactivate cards when visitors sign out via the Lobbytrack visitor management system. You can also create a time limit for how long the access card is valid.

Deactivate Access Control