Elevate Your Lobby Experience: Continuous Badge Scanning

Seamless Entry for the Modern Workspace

As a pioneer in visitor management technology, Lobbytrack has consistently stayed ahead of the curve, offering clients cutting-edge features tailored for modern workplaces. One such groundbreaking innovation is the continuous badge scanning, a feature that redefines convenience and efficiency in busy office environments.

Lobbytrack's continuous badge scanning for employees and contractors
Employee and visitor sign in kiosk

Revolutionizing Check-In: From Barcode to Camera

Lobbytrack Desktop changed the game in busy office environments, where its innovative integration with USB and Bluetooth Barcode scanners streamlined the check-in process. Employees, contractors, and maintenance staff simply waved their badges to the scanner to check in and out of the office. They did not have to pause at the reception desk for more than a second and required no assistance from the front-desk staff. This feature has been indispensable in managing the high volume of lobby traffic during peak hours, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow in and out of your premises.

As burgeoning technologies phased out locally hosted software and the corporate world migrated to the cloud, Lobbytrack Desktop was replaced by Lobbytrack.com, the more powerful and convenient cloud-based version. The shift offered numerous new benefits to companies, such as easy management and maintenance, but the nifty barcode scanning functionality was temporarily lost in translation.

Staying Ahead: The Shift to Cloud and Mobile

With the transition to Lobbytrack.com, our cloud version, we've combined the versatility of visitor sign-in, employee/contractor time tracking, and shared space booking, and made it available to customers worldwide. However, a challenge presented itself when it came to migrating the barcode scanning functionality. Tablets, the heart of our mobile operation, often lack USB ports, which limits their ability to connect with external scanners reliably. Although there may be ways to support external scanners, implementing them might be challenging for many clients. In the absence of barcode scanners, employees and visitors had to access the camera manually for QR code scanning, which wasted a few precious seconds and created drag during busy hours. This led to a significant question from our dedicated users: could we enable the tablet camera to be constantly active, just like a barcode scanner? We said yes, it could be done.

Mobile and cloud based visitor management
Employee Attendance Station

Innovation at Your Fingertips: Continuous Badge Scan Technology

We're excited to announce that we've not only addressed this challenge but have innovated beyond it. Our latest update to the Lobbytrack Lobby App introduces a groundbreaking feature - a 'Continuous Badge Scan' mode. By selecting the Employee Attendance Station mode in settings and activating the new checkbox feature, the tablet camera remains continuously active. This replicates the seamless experience of a barcode scanner, allowing employees and contractors to display their badge and proceed without pause.

First of Its Kind: Leading the Way in Visitor Management Tech

This technical breakthrough might just be a first in the visitor management software industry. While we haven't scoured the entire market, we're confident that Lobbytrack is pioneering this space with our continuous badge scan technology. It's not just about keeping up with the times; it's about setting the pace for the future of efficient, user-friendly workplace management.

Visitor Management Tech
Enable Badge Scan

How to Activate Continuous Badge Scan

  1. Sign in to Lobbytrack.com and click on the Employees box.

  2. Click on SETTINGS and enable Badge Scan under Options.

  1. Sign in to the Lobby App. Make sure you have the latest version of the app.

  2. Click on Settings. You will be required to log in again. Click on Usage Mode.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on Employee Attendance Station. Ensure that the continuous badge scanning mode checkbox is checked.

Continuous Badge Scanning Mode
Scan the Badge
  1. The continuous badge scanning is now enabled. Employees can just scan their badge at the tablet to check in or out of the workplace.

Experience the Future of Workplace Efficiency Today

We invite you to experience the simplicity and effectiveness of Lobbytrack's newest feature. Transform your lobby into a model of modern efficiency and convenience. With Lobbytrack, you're not just adapting to the changing world; you're ahead of it.

Try Lobbytrack today. It's the only employee badge scanner, time and attendance tracker, and visitor management system that you'll ever need.