Lobbytrack How To Guides

How to set up a visitor health screening form in Lobbytrack

Lobbytrack is a visitor management platform and visitor screening tool for creating health screening questions and setting up a health screen questionnaire. Instead of manually checking each visitor entering your establishment, you can set up a health screening quiz to automatically check each visitor.

Each visitor will fill out the health screening form before gaining access by using the tablet in your lobby. You can customize the health screening quiz to have simple YES/NO questions, multiple choice or text answers.

When the health screening form is submitted, the answers will be checked for acceptable answers. In the case of a failure, your staff will be notified and entrance will be denied.

Lobbytrack allows you to improve security, minimize wait times and protect your staff from potential health issues.

This tutorial will walk you through adding a visitor screening form.

For information on adding an employee health screening form, click here.

  1. Click on "Settings" in the top right corner.

  2. Scroll down in the menu on the left side of the page, click on "Visitor Screening Questions", then check the checkbox next to "Show screening questions during sign in".

    Visitor Screening Questions
  3. Type in the form title and instructions.

  4. Once you have configured the page on which you will display your questions, you can start adding the questions. Scroll down and click on "Customize Screening Questions".

    Customize Screening Questions
  5. Click on "Add".

  6. You will see a pop-up box which will allow you to create the questions. Enter the question text, an optional description, and select the acceptable answer value. When you are done, click "Add" to save the question.

    Pop-up Box
  7. You can add additional questions by repeating this process. If the visitor does not select an acceptable answer, they will be denied entry and your staff will be notified.

  8. To configure notifications sent when someone fails the screening, go to "Settings > Sign In / Out > Visitor Sign In / Out" and scroll down to "Notifications". You can enable notifications for receptionists and guards by checking the checkbox next to "Visitor Screening Failed".

  9. The screenshots below demonstrate how the screening form will appear on the tablet and the message shown to the visitor if they fail the screening form.

    Message Message