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How To Set Up a Hot Desk Booking System

This guide will walk you through setting up a hot desk booking system in Lobbytrack. You'll also learn how employees can book, manage, and cancel hot desks through the Lobbytrack Employee App.

1. Set Up a Hot Desk Booking System

  1. Login to your Lobbytrack account on a web browser.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Click Locations & Spaces.

    Locations and Spaces
  4. Click on the location where you want to set up a hot desk booking system. (note that you can have multiple locations).

    Click on the location
  5. Scroll down to "Spaces", click Space Types, and then Add Space Types to create a Hot Desk Office inside your location.

    A "Space Type" is any space inside your location or facility, such as a working office, cafeteria, meeting room, etc.

    Space Types Add Space Type
  6. Type the name and description and click Add to create the space type.

    Create the Space Type
  7. Once you create the Hot Desk Space Type, click the Back Arrow. After, click Add Space.

    Back Arrow Add Space
  8. Type the name and description, and pick the space type. Once ready, click Add.

  9. Repeat the process for how many hot desks you have inside the Hot Desk Office Space.

    Every space (example: Hot Desk #1) is a desk an employee can book. If you have 5 bookable hot desks, you'll create 5. If you have 10 bookable hot desks, you'll create 10.

2. How to Book a Hot Desk

  1. The employee must log in to the Lobbytrack Employee App with their Lobbytrack account.

  2. Click the Bookings section inside the app.

  3. In the app, you have 3 options:

    1. Book a hot desk by clicking Book a Space.

    2. Manage already booked hot desks by clicking Manage Bookings.

    3. Check available hot desks by clicking Check Space Availability.

  4. After clicking Book a Space, select the location, pick "Hot Desk" as the "Space Type", pick the starting and ending date and time. You can also add a memo. Finally, click Next at the bottom.

    New Booking
  5. Select your hotdesk. You can also search by typing the hot desk's name.

    Select Hotdesk
  6. Review and click Submit.

    Extra tip: If you want to start over at any point in the booking process, click Start Over in the top-right corner.

    Review and Submit

3. How to Manage a Booked Hot Desk

  1. Follow the steps in the "2. How to Book a Hot Desk" guide up to Step C. Here, click Manage Bookings.

    Manage Bookings
  2. Click the booked Hot Desk you want to manage.

    Click the Booked Hot Desk
  3. Click Edit Booking to edit your booked hot desk, or click Cancel Booking to cancel your booked hot desk.

    Edit Booking

4. How to Check Hot Desk Availability

  1. Follow the steps in the "2. How to Book a Hot Desk" guide up to Step C. Here, click Check Space Availability.

    Check Space Availability
  2. Type "Hot Desk" in the search bar. Click View for the hot desk you want to check the availability for.

    View the Hot Desk
  3. If the Hot Desk isn't scheduled, click the Plus Button in the lower-right corner to book the Hot Desk.

    Book the Hot Desk