How to import employees in Lobbytrack

Lobbytrack allows you to manage employees, contractors, volunteers, and other staff that will be hosting visitors. Employees can use the Employee app to manage their visit schedule, receive notifications, and clock in and out of the facility.

To add your employees in the Lobbytrack database, you can simply import all the details using a csv file. Please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Login to and then click on "settings" at the top right.

  2. Click on the "employees" tab in the blue navigation bar.

  3. Then click on "import".

  4. Once you click on the Import link, you will see a pop-up box. Click on the link that says, "click here to download the employee import template". Use the import template to import employees to your account.

  5. Add the employee data in the import template and then save it in csv format.

  6. Once the import file is ready, go back to settings > employees > import. Then click on the "browse" button.

  7. Search for the file in your computer and then click on "import".

  8. Once the import is completed, click on done.

  9. An activation email will be sent to your employees. They can use the "manage personal information" button in the email to review and update their personal details.

    Manage personal information
  10. They can also create a password and log in to the Lobbytrack employee app to manage their visits and their own sign ins/outs.