Openpath Integration

Lobbytrack is a visitor management system that can quickly integrate with networked access control systems such as Openpath. Maximize your physical access control while maintaining convenience for your visitors and elevating safety.

Issue Access Cards on Sign-In

Issue pre-programmed access cards when visitors sign in via the Lobbytrack visitor management system. Assign and record unique card numbers that provide access via a door access system such as Openpath.

Access Control Cards
Touchless Entry

Touchless Entry via Phone

You can grant access to visitors via mobile phone as well. Send private messages to visitors via Lobbytrack with a sign-in button to open any door you give access to. Provide a touchless and effective mobile access control.

Auto-Deactivate Card On Sign Out

Automatically deactivate visitor cards when visitors sign out with zero manual work. Create a time limit for any visitor card or have visitors deactivate the card themselves. To find out more on Openpath integration, check the How-To Guide.

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