Share visitor and employee data with your events by integrating Lobbytrack with Eventleaf, the widely used event management platform. Once integrated, Eventleaf syncs the invitee or attendee data with visitors and / or employee data residing in Lobbytrack. Anytime a new visitor visits or a new employee enrolls, you can update data in Eventleaf and manage your events with ease.

Easily Plan Meetings & Conferences

Use Eventleaf to invite your visitors, employees, and contractors to register for meetings and conferences. Plan networking events, team meetings, and other in-person or hybrid events using Lobbytrack data. You can also restrict meetings and conferences to visitors, members and staff that have been to your facility or regularly use your facility.

Online Meeting Registration
View Attendance History

Access Event History in Lobbytrack

View what events a given visitor or employee has attended. You can push this data from Eventleaf directly into Lobbytrack. Monitor employees for engagement, training, and compliance by getting all event data directly in Lobbytrack.

Book Meeting Rooms & Conference Rooms

Book spaces needed for meetings, workshops and seminars using data from Eventleaf. You can see how many people will be attending a particular event and book an appropriate meeting room or conference room in advance.

Issue Access Control Card
Push Data to Eventleaf

Invite Visitors to Events

If your on-site visitors include prospective customers, you can access their data directly in Eventleaf and schedule a follow-up meeting or demo with them. The feature is designed to help B2B companies nurture business leads.

Easily Manage a Hybrid Work Style

Let your remote employees or contractors have in-person time with their teams by planning and managing safe in-office meetings, networking sessions, and conferences. Use Lobbytrack and Eventleaf side-by-side to manage employees, visitors, events, and bookable shared spaces seamlessly.

Hybrid Workplace

Promote Teamwork and Company Culture

Maintain a healthy and engaged workforce by arranging in-person interactions and events for your remote employees. Promote teamwork and company culture by creating and managing a flexible workplace.