Managing a Hybrid Workplace

Make no mistake. The future of work is hybrid.

In a new McKinsey survey of 100 executives, nine out of ten respondents agree their organizations will be combining remote and on-site working going forward. The survey also found that the hybrid model delivers higher levels of productivity and customer satisfaction. Also, 68% of organizations have no detailed plan that articulates the specifics of how to mix on-site and remote working.

How to Manage a Hybrid Workplace?

Before the pandemic, almost 100% of organizations expected employees to spend most of their time at the office. That is no longer the case in 2022. In the future that is unfolding, the majority of executives expect workers to be on site between 21% and 80% of the time, or one to four days in a week. So, how do we manage a hybrid workforce working from a hybrid office?

Work From Home

6 Essentials of Hybrid Workplace Management

Managing a hybrid workplace isn't just about managing the physical office location. You also need to manage workers' performance, expectations, and teamwork. The following tips might help you get going:

  • Devise a hybrid working policy. Set down the rules of remote working such as attendance, security, access to shared areas and equipment, and home-to-office hours.
  • Figure out which roles are essential to perform on-site and which ones can be fulfilled by remote workers. Decide how many people will be in the office on any given day. Create a rotating on-site work schedule or roster and communicate it to all concerned.
  • A lack of face-to-face interaction can erode the company culture, so organizations need to have a healthy mix of off-site and on-site working. Organize in-person work socials and meetings to improve collaboration and teamwork.
  • Define clear goals and communicate work briefs and deadlines to all workers. Hold frequent virtual and hybrid meetings to get on-site and remote workers on the same grid.
  • Revise your performance assessment criteria. Tie up the performance with the results that workers achieve rather than the hours they clock in.
  • Use the appropriate software applications to save time and improve coordination between on-site and at-home workers.
Hybrid Workplace Essentials

Lobbytrack Hybrid Office Software

Managing a hybrid office may not be possible without using the right software. Lobbytrack is a powerful app when it comes to managing hybrid workplaces and teams. It is the single user-friendly system you need to easily manage remote and on-site workers, shared facilities, and more.

Space Booking

Typically, a hybrid workplace has fewer rooms or desks than the number of people it can accommodate. Hot desking tools like Lobbytrack's Shared Space Booking allow hybrid teams to book desks, meeting rooms, parking spaces, and other shared facilities as required.

Space Booking
Visitor Management

Visitor Management

In-office employees can schedule visits and invite clients, contractors, and remote team members to the office. You can even book a meeting room, conference room, or parking space right off the intuitive Lobbytrack interface.

Employee Time and Attendance

Lobbytrack automatically stores time and attendance data for employees whenever they sign in or out. You can export the data to your payroll software or other systems to calculate compensation or appraise performance, etc.

Watchlist Checks
Efficiently Stop Money Waste

Efficient Space Management

Organizations waste away more than $150 billion each year because more than one-third of the global office space is empty on any given day. Most of the wasted space is attributable to meeting rooms, which have an average utilization rate of just 30%. Lobbytrack automatically releases a booked meeting room and shows it as vacant when people don't show up or vacate the room before time.

The Way Forward

The hybrid working trends triggered by the novel coronavirus appear to be irreversible. As many as 30% of employees say they would switch jobs if their employers asked them to work full-time from a fixed location. For employers, the writing's on the wall. They must align their work processes and workplaces with the new normal of hybrid working. With tools like Lobbytrack, you can easily convert any regular office to a flexible hybrid workplace.