How to integrate Openpath access control system with Lobbytrack

Institutions and companies such as business offices, hospitals, and insurance companies all need to protect their clients and employees by ensuring that not everybody can access any part of the building. A keyless door access control system such as Openpath makes it easy to protect private areas from unauthorized visitors. But if there's a constant flow of visitors to your establishment, merely having door entry systems running isn't enough.

Fortunately, Lobbytrack is a visitor management system that allows you to manage guests and their access with simple Openpath integration. Control the visitor flow and where they can access from a single visitor management platform.

You can link your Lobbytrack account with Openpath to give temporary access to visitors. This allows visitors to access designated secure areas using a Cloud Key delivered to their mobile phone or a temporary access control card.

Assign access to visitors using a Cloud Key

In order to set up a Cloud Key, you will first need to create a dummy user in your Openpath account. You can assign the areas that can be accessed through this dummy user in your Openpath account. Lobbytrack will use this dummy user to assign access to visitors.

  1. Login to your Openpath account and then click on "Users > User Management".

    User Management
  2. Click the + sign to add a new user.

    New user
  3. Fill in the details for the new user. You can name it "Lobbytrack Visitors" and make sure that you use a valid email address.

    Lobbytrack visitors
  4. Once you create the user, click on the access tab on the right side of the page.

    Create the user
  5. Assign the sites and zones that visitors are allowed to access. You can simply assign a group, rather than assigning the sites and zones individually, if you are using the group management system.

    Group management system

    The Openpath dummy user should now be configured properly for use with Lobbytrack.

  6. Go to, login to your account and click on "Settings".

  7. Then click on "Access Control > Openpath" and check the box next to "Enable Openpath Integration".

    Enable Openpath Integration
  8. Scroll down and click on the Connect button. When prompted, enter your Openpath login credentials and click on "Connect".

  9. Once the connection is established, scroll down and set the credential type to Cloud Key and then enter the email address that you used for the Lobbytrack dummy user in your Openpath account.

    Cloud Key
  10. Select the method for sending the Cloud Key link to the visitors. You can choose to send it through an SMS or through an email, or you can choose both. (Make sure that you are collecting the mobile number / email address for visitors on the visitor information form).

    Cloud Key
  11. Configure the details for the selected mode of communication and enter the sender details to complete the setup.


Assign access to visitors using a temporary key card

If you are planning to give key cards to visitors and assign temporary access to the Visitors using this key card, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Login to your Lobbytrack account and then click on "Settings".

  2. Click on "Access Control > Openpath" and then click on the check box next to "Enable Openpath Integration".

    Access Control
  3. Scroll down click on the "Connect" button. Enter your Openpath Login Credentials when prompted and click on Connect.

  4. Once the connection is established, scroll down and select the credential type for the type of cards you plan to use with the Openpath system. You can select Openpath DESFire (Encrypted) – Secure, Openpath MIFARE (CSN) – Fast, Weigand ID or PIN code.

  5. For Openpath DESFire (Encrypted) – Secure, Openpath MIFARE (CSN) – Fast and PIN code, select the access group that will be used.

  6. For Weigand ID, you need to select the card format and facility code.

    Weigand id

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