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How to Evacuate Staff & Visitors During an Emergency

Evacuating staff and visitors during an emergency is paramount to ensuring their safety and well-being. The Lobbytrack Guard App aids security and management teams organize a streamlined evacuation of everyone in the facility. With real-time data and crucial insights, the app provides a seamless way to address emergencies with the urgency and precision they demand. Dive into this step-by-step guide to understand how to evacuate staff and visitors with the Lobbytrack Guard App during dangerous situations:

1. Set Up the Guard Role

  1. Login to your Lobbytrack account on a web browser.

  2. Click the profile icon in the top-right and click Users.

  3. Click Add User.

    Add User
  4. Type the person's information and checkmark Security Guard for their role. Click Add.

    Add Security Guard
  5. The person will receive the activation email.

2. Send Alerts in Lobbytrack Guard App

  1. Download and log in to the Lobbytrack Guard App.

  2. Click the Filter icon to filter by customized locations and person type, such as employees, visitors, or everyone. Depending on to who you want to send alerts.

    Filter Users
  3. Click Send Alert.

    Send Alert
  4. Write the alert subject and message. Select if you want to send it as an email, an SMS, or both (if a mobile number is available).

    Send Message
  5. Click Send.

3. Manage Sign-Outs During Evacuation

  1. Log in to the Lobbytrack Guard App.

  2. Click the person you want to sign out.

    Select to Sign Out
  3. Click Sign Out.

    Sign Out Person
  4. Repeat for other visitors/employees.

  5. Alternatively, you can instantly sign visitors and staff out by swiping right.

4. Create Employee/Visitor Evacuation Reports

  1. Log in to the Lobbytrack website with the Lobbytrack profile. Click Visitors or Employees.

    Click Visitors or Employees
  2. Click Onsite to go to the Reports Section for visitors currently in the building.

    Click Onsite
  3. Click Export.

    Export Report
  4. Pick the Date Format and File Type. Click Export to download your report.

    Export Report

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