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How to Enable Touchless Mobile Visitor Sign In


Lobbytrack Lobby App's mobile vIsitor sign-in feature is a highly efficient solution, particularly designed for larger groups in time-compressed environments. By enabling this feature, guests can scan a QR code displayed on the app's screen and complete the sign-in process directly through their phones, saving a significant amount of time and enjoying a smoother visiting experience. Here's the step-by-step process to allow visitors to sign in via their mobile phones:


  1. Log in to Lobbytrack.com and go to VISITORS > SETTINGS. Ensure that all settings are configured correctly.

  2. Lobbytrack Lobby App installed on a tablet with Touchless Visitor Sign In Mode selected.

Enabling Touchless Mobile Visitor Sign In

  1. To get started, you have to ensure that the Lobbytrack Lobby visitor sign in app is running in the Touchless Visitor Sign In mode. If you are in this mode, skip to step 6.

    Visitor Sign In
  2. If you are not in the Touchless Visitor Sign In screen, click on the stack on the top left and click on Settings. You will be asked to login using your Lobbytrack.com credentials.

  3. Click on Usage Mode.

    Usage Mode
  4. Swipe down and select Touchless Visitor Sign In Kiosk.

    Touchless Visitor Sign In
  5. Upon selection, you will be returned to the Visitor Sign In screen displaying a QR code.

    Visitor Sign In
  6. To initiate the touchless visitor sign-in process, visitors are required to scan the QR code displayed on the screen with their mobile phone camera. That will take them to a webpage on their smartphone or handheld device, where they will be able to complete the sign in process.

Enabling Self Sign In for Visitors without Mobile Phones

To use the touchless self sign-in, visitors must have internet-connected smartphones. But that doesn't mean people can't sign in if they don't have their phones with them. You can configure Lobbytrack to display a link for people with "no phone", through which they can easily sign in for the visit.

  1. Sign into Lobbytrack.com, click on SETTINGS and scroll down to Sign In / Out Option.

  2. Select the checkbox under Touchless Sign In / Out.

    Touchless Sign In / Out
  3. Now when you select the Touchless Visitor Sign In mode in the Lobby App, you will see a link right below the QR code.

    Sign In for Visitors without Mobile Phones
  4. Visitors with no phone can tap on this link to sign in. Obviously, this will require touching the screen, so the sign in will no longer be "touchless".