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How to Customize Your Visitor Registration Form for Different Visitor Types

Lobbytrack allows you to customize the registration process for different visitor types, such as contractors, customers, job applicants, delivery drivers, and personal guests. When defining various visitor types, you can tailor the visitor fields in your registration form to suit the intended purpose of each visitor type. This step-by-step guide lays down the process of creating custom form fields for different visitor types frequenting your facility.


  1. An active Lobbytrack.com account.

  2. Visitor types have to be configured for assigning custom fields.

Creating Different Form Fields for Different Visitor Types

  1. Log in to Lobbytrack.com and then click on SETTINGS.

  2. You will land on the Visitors tab. Click on VISITOR FORM on top right of the screen:

    Visitor Form Link
  3. Now that you're in the visitor form, click on the ADD button to add a new custom visitor field.

    Add a New Custom Visitor Field Button
  4. A pop up will be shown where you will be able to enter the caption for your new field.

    Add a New Custom Visitor Field Form
  5. Type the name of the field and click ADD. Check the UNLOCK option on top of the page. You can now edit different settings for your newly created field.

    Unlock Option
  6. Finalize the name of the field, enter any optional description if required, and select the Field Type.

    Select the Field Type
  7. Select the checkboxes depending on how you would like your new form field to function.

    Select Options
  8. Scroll down to Visitor Types and select which visitor types you want to apply the visitor field to. Simply click on the plus sign to open the visitor selection menu:

    Select Visitor Types
  9. Select which visitor type to apply the visitor field to by selecting INCLUDE. Close the window when ready.

    Include Visitor Type