Lobbytrack How To Guides

How to add new fields to the visitor form in Lobbytrack

Lobbytrack is a modern visitor management platform that streamlines visitor registration and sign in. The sign in app allows you to display a customized visitor form for visitors to complete when entering the company's premises.

  1. Click on "Settings" in the top right corner.

  2. Scroll down to the "Visitor Information" section.

    Visitor Information
  3. Below the "Visitor Form" section, click on the "Customize Visitor Form" link.

    Visitor form
  4. The current visitor form layout will be displayed. Click the "Add" button to add a new field.

  5. The "Add Field" screen will be displayed. Add a caption, which is what will be displayed on the form. It could be a question or field name. You can also add a description, if necessary.

    Field Label
  6. Select the field type from the drop down.

  7. Add a default answer value for the field, if applicable.

    • There are several advanced properties you can configure.

    • Field is required: the visitor will be required to provide a value for this field
    • Clear value for each new visit: the field value will be cleared before the visitor signs in each time so they can provide a new value
    • Internal use only – Do not show to visitors: the field will only be shown to your staff and can be used for internal tracking
  8. You can configure the field to be displayed only when a condition is satisfied. For example: Only show a meal type preference field to visitors that answered yes to whether they would like to have a meal provided.

  9. Click "Add" to save the new field.